Our Southern Clients Are for Life

And Here’s Why

Provide Solutions Of Every Kind

Did you know that marble and granite can cost anywhere from $75 to $200 (or more) per square foot? Your countertops or tiles might seem beyond repair, but what if they aren’t? What If you could save thousands of dollars in needless replacement, and restore the natural beauty and luster of what you already have instead?

With Southern Stone and Tile Care, there’s no need to imagine.

Why Hire Us?

Professional stone restoration is a smart way to bring your durable marble, granite, and tiled surfaces back to life, without having to fork out on replacement. Even the deepest of cracks, scratches, and dents are no match for our advanced tools, technology, and time-tested techniques. We can give you the same results as a full replacement, at a fraction of the costs.

So, the real question would be – why hire anyone else?