Flooring, Tile and Countertop Sealing

At Southern Stone and Tile Care we know what it takes to make your Georgia home’s porcelain, ceramic, and quarry tiles and grout look great. Deep cleaning, followed by grout sealing will keep your flooring, tile and countertops looking great for years to come with minimal maintenance.

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seal your floors, countertops and tiles to ensure a longer luster and a longer life

Southern Stone and Tile Care offers Georgia residents and businesses with sealing solutions for your flooring, countertops and tile.

Our sealing services will give your grout lines a fresh, clean appearance.

Southern Stone and Tile Care also offers color sealing services for your grout. Color sealing is better than regular sealing, especially for floors with permanent grout stains. We can match the color of your existing grout to give the floor a nice, uniform appearance, or we can change the color of your grout altogether. Another advantage of grout color sealing is that color sealer contains constant-acting fungicides, so your floors stay cleaner and healthier longer.

In addition, regular maintenance or cleaning of tile and grout that has been color sealed is much easier.

Advantages of adding our coating solution for tile and grout include:
Inorganic – will not support bacteria and mold growth
Antimicrobial – prevents the spread of secondary infections
Unparalleled stain and odor resistance
Durability – will not delaminate, yellow or flake, and lasts for years
Reduced maintenance costs